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A Family Tradition of Fishing

Top of the Line Charters provides adventures in both inshore and offshore fishing for everyone from serious sport fishermen to day trips for the whole family. While other sections of our website tell you the what, where, when, why and how, we want to tell you Who we are, our Mosely story.

Top Of The Line Charters isn’t just a profession for us – it’s a passion, it’s our family tradition

Coming to Savannah two centuries ago as Revolutionary War veterans, someone of our branch of Moselys has been fishing the creeks, rivers, and ocean in and around Savannah, Georgia for 100 years.

We’re locals, born and bred Savannahians. Salt water flows through our veins, and fish might as well jump into our two, +20 foot Sportsman bay boats which fly across the waters from Wassau to Calibougie Sound and beyond.

These are magic waters that we’ve surfed through, skied over, dove under and paddled and sailed across to our beloved barrier islands. We’ve celebrated births and baptisms on the shore, and paddled out on our surfboards into a ring of rose petals to send our fallen relatives ‘home’ to our God.

We’ve been fishing for something since we could walk, starting so young that the first thing we caught with poles twice our height were our uncle’s butts on more than one occasion. Our extended families grew and went on to flourish and fish all over the world, on and near five continents.

With fishing boats they cherished and a few they even made, our fathers and uncles would wake us up at 4:00 am so ‘we can catch the fish while they’re still sleepy.’ And when three of the Mosely elders were in the same boat, we often filled the wells with trout , redfish, flounder and whiting while they talked trash into the night. We would feast on grilled snapper on our campfires, feast on shrimp from our caste nets, and clams from favorite mud banks before we turned in for the night.

While we kids kept fishing, world wars and global conflicts took our fathers to fight from B 17 bombers featured in our locals museums, serve with mountain troops who dangled from ropes in night assaults, and medics who patched up the wounded. But they all came home where they belonged, and kept fishing from where our peace and passion remained. And it is on or near the banks of the Wilmington River, Spanish Hammock and Tybee that we live and love to fish.

As they aged and we did too, a new generation of Mosely anglers took to the waters in our own bateaus and outboards, answering our own call from our Mosely genes to make fishing our own lifelong passion. While we were born a bunch of live wires in our own Colonial Capitol of Savannah, none of our parents worried if we were in a bateau with a fishing pole – as long as we were catching them.

While Top Of The Line Charters is our passion and profession, when we’re not fishermen, we’re nationally ranked and recreational surfers, weekend paddle surfers and wind surfers, sailors of everything from catamarans to 25 foot day sailors, Little League football, baseball and soccer coaches from when we played NCAA Division 1 sports.

When we’ve gone to distant shores and waters, we’ve returned home with enough silver to make a pirate jealous.

Anyway, that’s a few chapters and verse of our charmed lives as anglers. It is our life’s mission to help you create your own true fish story, through both inshore and offshore fishing adventures, and family day trips which will stay with you for the rest of your lives. It would be our passion and pleasure to make that dream come true for y’all.

Noah, Michael Paul, and Mike Mosely

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Meet Captain Noah

Hey, I’m Captain Noah Mosely. I’m a native of Savannah, Georgia and local boy from Tybee Island. Being raised in a boat or on a board since I could walk, I know the thousands of tributaries along Georgia’s southeastern coast like the back of my hand, thanks to the thousands of hours spent with my father and grandfather in tidal creeks, rivers, sounds and the ocean.

Between fishing, boating and as a regionally ranked surfer, I’ve spent more time in the water than on land. I’ve loved fishing since I was age 5, and have been able to operate a boat in our marshes, creeks and rivers since I was age 10. I’ve since put thousands of fish in the boat, loved every minute of it, and want to share that same rush with others.

There is nothing like Coastal Georgia in shore, off shore and deep sea fishing. I live to share what I grew up with, helping others get their own fish stories cherished for the rest of their lives. At Top Of The Line Charters, we’ll do whatever it takes to share the experience, whether it’s landing a giant, or cruising our creeks, rivers and sounds. We can’t wait to drop a line with you soon.

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Meet Captain Michael

Hi, I’m Captain Michael Paul Mosely. I was born and raised on Tybee Island, near Savannah, Georgia. My passion for fishing and boating started at a very young age. Accompanying my father and grandfather on most of their fishing trips over the decades helped me develop my knowledge of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina waterways.

I first began fishing our creeks, rivers, sounds and ocean at age 8. I’ve always been blessed growing up in a world-class fishing destination. First building in shore skills, I: began fishing offshore at age of 15; later succeeded in competitive fishing tournaments by age 20; and later traveled the country for fishing competitions.

I’ve learned many lessons from the sea over decades, all of which have made me the captain I am today. Tournament fishing built a lot of discipline and my respect for the ocean. In coastal Georgia, tidal and weather conditions are ever-changing. My 30-plus years and thousands of hours on the water have made me an humble and safe Captain of the sea which I love. I’ve been blessed to share my passion and knowledge of fishing in Coastal Georgia with family, friends and satisfied clients. It would be a privilege to do the same with you.