Destination: Daufuskie Island

Top of the Line Charters Connects You to one of America’s Richest Cultural Oases

Daufuskie Island is a mysterious South Carolina island on the National Register of Historic Places that even many locals have not yet discovered. Why? You need a boat or a charter to get there.

If you are a cultural explorer or with a group that loves Southeast coastal history; are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party or family reunion – this is the trip for you!

Captains Noah Mosely and Michael Mosely operate the Island Hopping Lunch Charter from Tybee Island, GA to Daufuskie Island, SC and back. The brothers’ Top of the Line Charters provides both inshore and offshore fishing adventures for everyone from serious sport fishermen to day trips for the whole family.

“The only way to get to Daufuskie is by boat,” said Captain Noah Mosely. “It brings a tropical vibe to it. You’re away from all the cities.”

Guests onboard travel along the Intracoastal Waterway aboard one of Top of the Line Charter’s high-end Sportsman Bay boats. T-tops provide shade.

“You’re passing all your wildlife, all your marshes you see throughout Georgia,” said Mosely. “It’s where dolphins like to migrate during certain times of seasons. In the back creeks we’re only 10 minutes from the ocean traveling through the creeks and sounds.”

Did you know? Daufuskie is from Muscogee culture meaning “sharp feather,” referring to the island’s shape.

Daufuskie Island is an ancestral home to the Geechee Gullah. Their culture blends African and American influences and dialect “as lyrical and lovely as our incoming tides,” describes the charter’s website.

Forced to America through enslavement, West African ancestors of Geechee Gullah descendants worked the lands on the South Carolina Sea Islands. The descendants cherished their cultural heritage, creating the rich Gullah culture now present.

Daufuskie’s Historic District includes original Gullah-constructed homes, churches, and schools. See evidence of a once-thriving Gullah oyster community throughout the island.

The Mosely brothers grew up fishing and surfing these waters and visiting locals. They are happy to share their maritime and marsh cultures with you.

When the boat docks, guests head to the tropical waterfront café serving local seafood and drinks. Electric golf cart rentals allow island visitors to explore its tidelands treasures and some unpaved roads – keeping it real.

“It’s really more like, grab a drink and some food and see what’s on the island,” said Mosely.

Noah Mosely has been boating since 10 years old and filling his boats with fish. If someone is afraid to fish or brand new to fishing, the Moselys are happy to help passengers get comfortable with the basics.

“Fishing is more like a circle of life type situation,” Mosely explained. “We can teach all beginners, even first time. How to cast. How to work the reel. The rod. Hold the reel. Hold the rod. Everything you need to know to be successful at it, we’ll teach you right now,” said Mosely.

It is their life’s mission to help you create your own true fish story or cultural adventure.

What does the ocean mean to Noah Mosely? “It’s more of a lifestyle to me. More of a home. A real natural home.”

These are the captains you want to lead you from shore. These are the seafarers, souls at one with fish, the saltwater, the ebb and flow of tides in life. Top of the Line Charters will lead you to beguiling places for memories you’ll always cherish.

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